World Premiere of Big City


Thank you for taking the time to watch my new video, "Big City." A lot of talented people spent a good amount of time working on this, and I know they appreciete it too. If you dig it, I encourage you to share it, like, tweet it, whatever you like. There is also more info on the video below.

I also want to give you the gift of music! Click above to get my new single, "Big City" emailed to you in seconds! Thank you for the love.

- Mike P.

“Big City” was filmed by Chicago-based director and filmmaker Michael Chait (achievements include directing music videos for Apl.De.Ap of The Black Eyed Peas and receiving 6 Telly awards), who said, “I specialize in action and telling stories with dramatic and emotive visuals… [“Big City”] allowed me to do some of what I do best!” 

Chait proved to be exceptional collaboration for Mikey to the P’s poignant lyrics and flow, and the film, shot with an Arriflex Alexa XT Plus (used to film the cinematic masterpiece, Game of Thrones) brings their vision to life with impeccable quality. The artistic shots of Chicago and effective storyline truly capture the essence of the lyrics in “Big City.”